Khinsider Ripper

The ultimate Video-Game-Music (VGM) browser.

An easy-to-use interface, modern technologies and in-built Download manager bringing that nostalgia of old video-games right at your fingertips.

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Easy to use

Thanks to a simplified User-Interface

The Application is made with simplicity and ease of use in mind, and the results show off: a simple, intuitive app for all of your video-game-music needs.

Useful features

For real-world use

Before downloading the tracks you want, the app allows you to preview each song on an album to see if that track is truly what you anticipated.

Keep an eye out on your favorites.

Easy saving and sharing of your favorite albums

Favorites built right into the Application (excluding Windows/Kotlin version for now), allowing you to easily save soundtracks for later.

From the Cloud. To your Phone. Just like that.

Built-In Download Manager

When you decide to download an album or a song, it will do so right in the app.

Multi-Platform? Yes please!

Stable code tested to perfection.

With 2 years of progress the code is expected to be very stable.

Easy to build

The code has is set up in a way that allows for easy building and execution, to make building this yourself hassle-free.

Best of all? Everything is open-source

Under GPLv3.