My name is Erik.
I run ptgms Industries and I am a full-stack developer

Below you find some of my work. For more, navigate to the “Projects” page.

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Skills, TL;DR

Speedy Development

I can figure out code in really short periods of time. In real-world job experience, I have been praised numerous times for cutting down development costs and length of development.

Lots of passion

I have a lot of passion in the IT field, and I am always willing to learn new things with open arms. In order to keep myself up-to-date on IT, I often dive into new topics just for fun.


I find enjoyment porting various projects to other platforms to grow audience reach.

ptgms Industries.

ptgms Industries is my hobby—a platform where I unite all of my infrastructures into one place and provide safe and free hosting for my friends to use. In my free time, I manage the servers to ensure they are up-to-date and secure.

Server specifications

Server operating system: Debian 12
Host: KVM
Webserver: NGINX